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where we are and look at all the signs over there. if you look on the street here, all day long and the campaign workers here are getting ready for what they hope is a victory party tonight, the mayor who admits to being an underdog is staying -- saying -- or tells him that he's going to win. >> good to see you. >> and i'm back at the school, too. >> karen? >> that is the woman walking with the player and was his teacher in the fifth and sixth grade. and she is still there and -- arrogant and aloof. fenty is leaving no stone unturned and trying to cash in on the the undecided voters and two days ago, it was estimated at 14% that it had not made up
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their mines between fenty and vincent gray. the mayor got started early this morning. he went to the sharp health school on 13th street in northwest and to cast his ballot. >> i voted early. two weeks ago. >> yes. >> and -- who did you vote for for mayor? he needs another chance. >> it's against. >> reporter: think he can do that for you. >> my gut tells me we're going to win because of turnout and from what i see from exit and
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entry polls at the stops i made. >> informal, unscientific? >> yeah, informal unspecific but i am an expert at elections. we will know in a few hours whether people will buy into results and the apologies and fenty will celebrate a victory or weather the city will see the end of an era. brian? >> -- live at the fenty headquarters and this is a point in the show where we would go to the sin vent -- vincent gray headquarters and we're having technical problems. as soon as we can get that up and ready to g we'll check in with wisdom martin who is following vincent gray all day long. in the meantime, who is going to replace vincent gray? vincent orange, he ran for mayor in 2006, and running against at-large council member kwame brown. phil mendelson is fighting hard
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to keep his seat. if he wins, it will be the first term. he's running against michael d. brown causing confusion and some voters think mendelson's competition is council member michaela. brown. disorganization, some of the problems that d.c. voters are requiring today. the snafus began and disappointed residents, even those running for office. sherri ly is live in northwest with details on that. >> reporter: the problem started as soon as the polled opened here in d.c. some likes didn't have pencils, the scanners weren't works and in d.c. with that hotly-contested -- contested mayor's race, the big question is whether the frustrated voters who left will return. >> reporter: in d.c., a bumpy start to election day and
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dozens left the polls. >> and we were hoping it didn't have the pickups and they did. they cast their vote again. >> and -- . >> from the beginning. we don't know that they coming back. >> reporter: the board of elections blamed new equipment for much of the problem. at the start of the day, some poll locations couldn't use voting scanners because of an issue verifying the serial numbers. turns out, they had bad instructions and, even mayoral candidate vincent gray got caught up in the trouble. >> there were numerous problems beginning with my own precinct, when i went to vote. >> you can find something to complain about at every polling location. what is happening today is typical when you roll out new equipment in the voting
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jurisdiction. >> reporter: officials say by mid-day, most of the problems were fixed and business was running as usual. and there were long lines for same-day registration and this is the first time the city has done this and registering can take as much as 15 minutes per person and some people said they waited an hour or more and some less. election officials say they told people to register early for this -- or this would happen. >> reporter: let's get back to the d.c. mayor race. we had technical problems to talk about vin vent gray -- vincent gray. he's calling for the polls to stay open longer than planned. wisdom martin is live at the campaign headquarters in northwest. >> reporter: vincent gray is expected to arrive after the polls. he continues to go across the
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city and spreading his message, a message of change and being a more inclusive mayor about education and financial responsibility. it was about 7:00 when his day got started, went to his precinct and immediately, he ran into a problem with his ballot because it wouldn't scan and turns out that was not the only problem. there were a number of issues and problems with the voting process, including the machines not working and polls not opening on time and gray is asking he doesn't want anyone to be disenfranchised. >> i'm encouraged, uplifted and enthused, we're concerned about the problems that happened earlier today. we know there were people who left and said that they couldn't wait. they had to go to work. >> reporter: the board said they did get that request from the gray campaign. they have not made a decision
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and are in the process of reviewing it. in the meantime, as of right now, the polls close at 8:00 and if you're out there waiting, you should get to the polls and cash your ballot before 8:00. brian? >> wisdom martin reporting live. democratic voters are chooseing the next county executive. the polls show two front runners, sheriff michael jackson and baker, campaigning on three issues, education, crime development and reduction. >> and -- >> i have been an executive for eight years and i have been an executive out in the community visiting every community and i need to reacquaint myself and not introduce myself. >> when i chaired the prince georges delegation being able to bring people together, that is what we need. if you look at the hospital issue and the fact we couldn't
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get the bill through. >> the three other candidates are samuel deep, le, levi and henry turner jr.. the governor's race in maryland. likely to be a rematch of governor ehrlich and o'malley. the race is a statistical dead heat. last time, o'malley kicked ehrlich out of office. the polls in maryland and d.c. set to close at 8:00. stay with fox 5 for complete coverage. we'll have live -- throughout the night and team coverage on and fox 5 news at 10 and the news edge at 11. we can also log on to our website for live results. it's a proposal that could save millions of dollars. >> what is it supposed to prove? they said it will save money. >> yeah, right. >> the cash-strapped state pushing for longer days and a
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shorter workweek. and eyes on a developing story in paris. the eiffel tower evacuated. and an american hiker detained in iran for more than a year comes home. what she's making a top priority now that she's free. b
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>> an american woman released today after more than a year in an iranian prison is grateful for her freedom. sarah shurd made those remarks before boarding a flight out of
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iran. she and two others were accused of spying, they were hikeing in northern iraq when they accidentally crossed the border. >> i feel myself i have a huge debt to repay the world for what it's done for me. my first priority is to help my fiance and his friend regain their freedom. they don't deserve to be in prison anymore. >> the chief prosecutor in tehran said the cases of the remaining two hikers have been sent to court and deals with espionage. they're a waiting trial. the eiffel tower is evacuated after reports of a bomb square. the -- scare. the famous tower and immediate surroundings were evacuated. about 2,000 people were cleared while officers search for suspicious items. and everyone likes a 3-day weekend. what if you had to work longer days to get one. how a state plans to make millions by giving workers
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friday's off. >> imagine being a kid walking up on this. the seven-foot guide -- foot gator. the crossing guard lure -- and secured the mouth with electrical tape and handcuffed its hind legs. a trapper hauled it away before school started. 
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>> authorities in florida are investigating the death of an alexandrea businessman. sandra del bracco was found dead in pompano beach sunday evening. the death was a homicide. he commuted back and forth from florida to al,andrea where he worked for pce communications and the company issued a statement where they were sadden by the ceo. states are constantly searching for ways to trim budget. the commissioner said it found one four days, friday's off. >> what is it supposed to
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prove? >> they say it would save money. >> yeah, right. >> reporter: in richmond, the department of planning and budget estimates it would save $3 million, half in energy costs. the state of utah implemented a four-day workweek in 2008 and didn't save as much as predicted but they did save. a spokesman for the state of utah told me when they implemented a four-day workweek, they were surprised to see money in overtime and their theory is when people are working a longer day, they're watching the clock and after the minutes tick by and the time is over, they're ready to go. >> we work in the hour during the summer and i don't want to say any -- stay any time during the 9 hours there. >> you don't want them there? >> no, i think they need a break. >> the proposal applies to 25 state agencies and wouldn't effect the dmv. it would be closed on friday. >> it would be inconvenient and
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the budget or stuff, that is to happen. >> i go out of my way to help. >> that is open 24/7 n. virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> -- . >> days passed. >> yeah. >> and the high was 84 degrees and we'll full quickly. and shocking when you go outside. >> i know. >> and hate to see it slipping away and on a cool night, it's see enjoyable and that will be another real comfortable night as mainly clear skies and had a deck of clouds and a blowoff from some of the storms that they had and in the kept city area, may be you saw that last night and we could use the rain here and that is not in the cars for us and we'll have another cool evening. and wednesday looks delightful,
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september is delivering for us and we have a new storm and we have igor, julia and carl. we have a chance of a few showers in the forecast and looks like friday morning and not looking as good as yesterday and we need some rain and terribly dry around here. cooler than yesterday. dulles, 81; bwi marshal, 80 and mostly in the 70s at this hour and frederick is hanging in there at 81. fredericksburg, 82; d.c., 77; cooler near the water and baltimore at 76 degrees and good voting water, for sure and hope you got out there and not too late to do that. a few clouds with temperatures into the low 50s in the suburbs, around 61 degrees in the district and a nice sunny day and low humidity. the breeze is going to try to
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hang in there with us and there is that cloud cover we have been seeing and not in the way of rain and the wind shift for us and that batch of showers and this is going to miss us. we'll wait for another frontal system friday morning to bring us a chance of showers. the future cast, there is nothing but sunshine tomorrow and see if they can't hold together late thursday and into friday, and going back and forth giving us some showers and not giving us much of anything and that looks like they would be moving in late thursday and moving out early friday morning and we'll get something descent out of it and it's tropical storm carl in the nester caribbean and moving into the yucca tan and igor is a huge story tropical storm
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carl, this is -- tropical storm karl, this is the latest path into the yucatan and we're worried about igor. looks like late saturday and sunday, going to come close to bermuda. bermuda and not the east coast, we'll take what we think is the worst that igor has to offer, although igor should weaken from the current status of category 4 to a two and when it passes the eland of bermuda late saturday and into sunday. the five-day forecast, thursday, look for some late showers and keep your fingers crossed that we get him and looks like delivers cooler weather on friday and saturday and we're having a great run of september weather even if it's on the dry side. >> thank you, sue. accusing the new york jests of unrespondsman like conduct. coming up in sports, the redskins player who found himself knee deep in the controversy. and a new study shows the skins are tops in the league when it comes to game day traffic. the average speeds on the immediate major roadways they were analyzed on game days and
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so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant. >> good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. reggie bush said the fourth inning in the heisman trophy and won it in 2005 while at sea. the usc was hit with a heavy bunk of sanctions and that summer after bush received
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improper benefits and the ncaa ruled that bush was ineligible for the 2005 season and opened the possibility that he would have to give back the trophy. meanwhile, more drama involving the redskins and this time, the mexican reporter who tweeted she felt uncomfortable during her visit to the jets on saturday and locally, portis offered these comments that were not considered politically incorrect. >> one of the reporters, to see guys walking around lack naked and -- [ indiscernible ] a great guy. and i was going say, the nice one in the locker room. i think that -- in time and look and i want to say something to that woman. you put a woman and give her a choice of 53 athletes, somebody got to be appealing to her, you know. somebody got to support the
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answers and she's going to want somebody, you know, i don't know what kind of woman i want. >> portis has apologized to the redskins spokesman and released the following statement: the washington redskins have a clear and unambiguous policy about being unprofessional on these issues and we'll take the necessary steps to remind everyone about it. and redskins tackle trent williams made the nfl schedule sunday night against the cowboys and turned heads, clearing wait for chris cooly. williams had a tough task of blocking to wear and with a sack and a false-start penalty. all in all, a solid debut. >> and you have on get a feel for him and are you doing that? >> definitely. you have to get a feel for your quarterback and i feel like i'm starting to, you know, recognize -- what it does we'll get better. >> i thought for trent's first game, he did a very good job. and you can see his athletic ability in the running game and
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passing game and to go against demarcus was impressive. >> and last night, the jets hosting the ravens, number 77 and with the left leg pinned and out for the year. the jets play a 3-4 defense and maybe? just saying, and say hello to lewis, laying down the law and has been doing that for 15 years. the ravens hold on. franchise low, for the jets, six first downs and baltimore wins 10-9. back to you. busy primary day. we have cut-ins throughout the evening leading up to our newscast at 10 with complete election results. see you then.
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